Drawing Exercises

To get us started on our projects and thinking about new ways of viewing the city, we were set a number of drawing exercises.

The first exercise was based around Umberto perspective. We were each given a random “straight” line on an A2 piece of piece of paper, we then had to go around the university to find this line in real life and draw the scene.

tumblr_niuraq5vfg1rnrud6o1_1280 tumblr_niuraq5vfg1rnrud6o3_r1_1280

I found this exercise fairly easy, it’s not something I’d done for a while but I generally find these styles of drawing quite enjoyable. Locating the line itself wasn’t difficult, but it took me a while to find an interesting scene containing the line. After about 30 minutes of drawing we all came back to the meeting place and curated a piece connecting all of our given lines;


We were asked whether we thought this way of presenting the drawings brought anything new to them, or allowed us to view them in a better light. Personally I don’t think it does. The combination of all these recognisable scenes along this linear line only confuses the perspective we were originally trying to create. The fact that each scene portrayed is so recognisable means that the drawings don’t really lend to feeding into each other.

tumblr_nixzq52HWf1rnrud6o2_r1_1280For our next drawing exercise we were given a random curved line to locate on the campus.
I found this task much more difficult than the first, as the line I was given was very unnatural. After searching for this line for a good 10 minutes, I ended up choosing to draw my friend’s beaded bracelet.
Once again, after 30 minutes we connected our lines into one large piece.


Compositionally I feel this was much more interesting than the linear perspective drawings. Perhaps this was because the lines we were given this time around required us to focus much closer on an object, which gave us this accumulation of somewhat abstract shapes that seemed to flow much better. The fact that the lines also required us to rotate the page created an overall more aesthetically pleasing shape.

tumblr_nixzsjSXr01rnrud6o3_r1_1280This time around we each drew a random line of our own which we swapped with someone else. Then we were told to modify the new line anyway we wanted for 30 minutes without drawing recognisable shapes.
Once we had finished our drawing, instead of combining everyone’s piece into one as we had done previously, we had to be much more selective having a maximum of 8.


Personally I feel ours should have ended at the 5th or 6th drawing, but I didn’t want to force people out of the group. We were then asked to analyse the images and what they could represent. I feel it starts quite scenic, replicating hills and curves of the landscape. The third image then becomes very visceral emulating the muscles of the body. The piece then starts becoming architectural with organised lines and supports and the fifth image reminds me of water and waves. The rest of the images seem to be much more about replicating and reiterating the lines and I don’t feel they really resemble anything specifically, except for the gingerbread man at the end. But I find it very intriguing how we specifically aimed to not draw anything recgonisable, yet we still found it fairly easy to draw comparisons between the drawings and real life.

For our final drawing exercise we were asked to draw “30 minutes”. As you can expect, upon hearing this I was a bit confused as we weren’t allowed to draw actual objects like clocks. But eventually I came up with an idea that I liked.


This is my continuous line for 30 minutes. I drew the line with the paper stuck vertically to the wall to ensure my arm would get tired by the end. Each dot indicates a minute passing. While I really like this outcome I’m not sure how well it represents 30 minutes. The line begins elegantly and by the end becomes very jagged and sharp (which is what I wanted) however I feel this could have been exaggerated more if I had attempted to keep the line straight throughout.

Being on a course where the focus is more on creating in 3D it was refreshing for the focus to be shifted onto 2D, which so far I’ve found quite hard to incorporate into my work. I do feel this workshop is something that would have been nice to have done during the first term to help with our other projects however.


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