Metal Foundry – Aluminium Casting

To start our induction into the metal foundry, we were introduced to aluminium casting; Like everything in the Foundry, this was a long process.
Interestingly, the objects that we wanted to make aluminium had to be made out of polystyrene. – This later evaporates when the metal is poured on it. These polystyrene objects are then packed in a sand and silica solution which is made solid by a carbon dioxide gun.

The sand-silica moulds are then sprayed with a solvent and set alight so it can cope with the high temperature of the aluminium.

The molten aluminium is then poured into a pouring cup over the mould, replacing the polystyrene.
After cooling the sand can be broken apart to reveal the aluminium object.
Brushing is then needed to remove any excess sand.

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