Welsh Brick Brands

Whilst I was researching for my project, I came across this website featuring a wide variety of Welsh bricks and their respective brands. I found that brick collectors prize these types of branded bricks for their collections. Below are a few examples;

The idea of collecting bricks might seem strange to some but I think it’s a shame not to preserve them, they tell a tale of history and migration. The brand of the brick notes its “birthplace” and by that we can track track the journey of this object. I think it’s particularly interesting that once the brick has been cemented and placed into a wall, its brand will never be seen again.
The fact that we can actually see the brands of these bricks means they were never actually used and instead just became these lost, abandoned artefacts that eventually found their way into people’s collections.

I’d really like to find some of these old branded bricks for myself but I have no idea where to even begin looking.


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