Slip Cast Bricks

Photo 11-03-2015 16 50 46Once my plaster mould was dry I could see how my bricks were going to come out.

I was quite happy with them, the extra parts where the mould had broken gives the impression that the brick was taken straight from a wall with the remains of cement still on them.

Once I had a few successful bricks I began playing with their form…

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Through doing this I realised just how fragile the slip casted bricks were. Whilst I really like them and find them such intriguing objects, I also feel the need to question the viability of them being placed back in the city.
With Clare Twomey’s work the audience is aware of the bricks breaking under their feet and are prepared for it. If I place these back in the city, they could become quite dangerous. What if someone is pushing a pram and the brick breaks beneath it? I feel I may need to look in a slightly different direction of intervention art.

There is also the fact that I haven’t been able to find any other loose bricks around Cardiff to take back and cast.


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