Field Collaboration Begins

As part of our Field work we are required to create a collaborative piece based within the “City” theme. The whole art school was split up and separated into smaller groups merging the different disciplines together.

My group consists of Maker (me), Illustration (Jackie), Textiles (Louise) and Product Design (Reece).

We began by making a list of our individual skills so we could see what we were working with. As a maker I naturally had the widest breadth of skills, but I was pleasantly surprised by how everyone seemed to have some skill in making in some sort of 3D material.

Next, we started finding out what we each of us had done for our individual Field projects to see if we could link any of the ideas for a basis of this piece;

  • Jackie made a zine with planets representing different cities that were linked together.
  • Louise was looking at religious buildings in Grangetown, mainly comparing decorative qualities of Mosques and Churches.
  • Reece’s project was based around improving the local area of Cardiff.

There are some vague connections between Jackie’s and Louise’s work within comparing aspects of the city, as well as mine and Reece’s projects linking quite well but we couldn’t really find a cohesive link between all of them just from first glances.

We started mind-mapping some basic ideas and proposed creating a structure within Grangetown where we would exhibit artwork from the surrounding community’s origin. Grangetown is a bit of a mixing pot location, housing people from all over the middle eastern countries. This social space would hopefully bring a collective of people together and therefore improve the social standing in the local area.

We thought this idea roughly incorporates the two main themes of our individual projects; cultures and improving social areas. The group also proposed to create the artwork ourselves, however I thought this was a bad idea as it’s difficult to represent a culture you are not a part of and could risk offending people, but the rest of the group didn’t seem bothered. We then presented our idea to the other groups and tutors where this point was raised again in our feedback. Instead we were advised to actually invite people living in Grangetown to the structure so that they could make the artwork themselves, where it then would be exhibited.

I personally think this is a much better idea emphasising the more social aspect of the project and actively encouraging the community to work creatively; Although doing all of this in the 3 week timescale could prove to be too difficult, so we may need to re-think our ideas.


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