Field Collaboration – Meeting & Tutor Feedback

It turns out it was only me and the product designers that could make the meeting prior to our tutorial, so I just presented my design sheets to them. They still weren’t on board with my idea that didn’t fit in with the “lost furniture” theme, but they really liked my other designs. Will is still unsure what he wants to do with his cabinet but has begun dismantling it. Reece is now working on his own piece, which involves editing photo’s of picture frames; he doesn’t want to actually alter the frame itself but Photoshop images from other cities into the frame, so that the image itself becomes lost. I’m not sure how well this fits in with the rest of our object, it’s almost as if it should be a separate project but I’m yet to hear from Louise so perhaps her object could be the link between them. I later found out that Jackie wants to create a mould-like texture on his box using paints; but again I’m not really sure how this emulates “lost”.

During the tutorial many of the points that I had already raised before, were made again but the group seemed to take them more on board this time. One of these points was that there were too many ideas going on at once and they didn’t really fit in with each other. They thought that placing the furniture in an unconventional scene, (such as Cardiff town centre) would shift attention away from the altered qualities of the furniture; instead we were advised to place them back in their original environment so that they had more of an impact on the viewer. I’m much happier with this idea, although I’m not really sure how it links to the city any more. I suppose the objects still came from either the city or the communities within the city.

We now need to rethink our brief and come up with a S.W.O.T analysis and timetable for the 2 weeks left.


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