Field Collaboration – The Making Process

11073747_10152609244636890_2000337864_nI decided to work at home so I wouldn’t have to constantly carry the chair and branches between the studio and the wood workshop. I collected some pre-cut branches from the nearby woods and started by removing the parts of the chair that I would be replacing; I generally stayed quite true to my design in this respect.

11084324_10152612106996890_1818292861_nOnce I had decided on which branches I wanted to go where, I began sawing them level.
It was quite difficult to get the correct angles by hand but once I had them fairly flush with the chair, I drilled the holes for the dowel to go in.

11072450_10152609244736890_103296506_n11079312_10152609244716890_443041198_nWhen it came to the back of the chair, I used screws to secure the branch as the backing was too thin to drill holes in. I later covered the screw head with a small piece of wood.

I couldn’t get one of the slats to sit neatly against the branch, so instead of having a large gap between them I decided to simply break it. I didn’t want to add another branch here because I knew there had to be a stopping point eventually and I felt I had already reached that with the 4 branches. My design had featured a broken slat anyway, just in a different position.

11081652_10152612106966890_60743288_nI also experimented with changing the cushion partially using bits of bark but I decided against this in the end as I felt it didn’t really bring anything else to the piece and looked quite awkward.


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