More Gap Textures

I went away and did a few sketches of different textures and patterns that I could try to create in Meshmixer. Below are my 3D outcomes based on these designs;

textures 3& 4

textures 5 & 6

example of Kintsugi

I feel they came out much better than my first attempts, now that I actually had a vision in mind; but I’m not really sure if any of them are what I want to use as my final design. They are all very time consuming and quite tedious to produce, especially the spiked piece, which I couldn’t even bring myself to finish completely. I’m not even certain the Makerbot will be able to print such a delicate shape anyway.

When it comes to colours, at the moment I am thinking of coating the 3D printed material in gold, to hopefully give a sense of value to the spaces. I think this well also relate my work quite strongly to the art of Kintsugi as they both involve finding the beauty in the process of repairing.


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