Field Collaboration – Practical? Chair

Photo 20-03-2015 12 13 21I’ve transported my chair into uni ready for presentation on Monday, but for the time being lots of people have been wanting to try it out. I didn’t intend for the chair to be practical, but it seems like it is anyway.

Considering its unstable leg and rotten branches, the chair isn’t all that difficult to sit on. As long as the person’s weight is spread evenly and not mostly on the front corner (which turns out to be quite a normal sitting position) the chair is pretty stable.
I, along with a few others also noted how nice the arm branches were to hold whilst you were sitting in the chair. The irregular form of the branches just naturally fits well into the palm of your hand.

Photo 20-03-2015 17 47 32It’s interesting to note that the branches also seem to have some utility to them; As demonstrated in the image on the right, the extended arm of the branch works well as an easel-like structure. I’ve even used the top branches as a coat rack that has supported the weight of my fairly heavy coat despite the branches being rotten. It makes me wonder what other functions the chair would have if I had found some branches that were stronger and less rotten.

Photo 25-03-2015 09 46 40


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