Realism Self Portrait Sculpture (part 1)

Photo 01-06-2015 11 56 15Photo 02-06-2015 13 53 52I began by adding fragments of brick into the terracotta clay. I hoped that this would give me the grog that I wanted within the texture, yet I quickly realised that I didn’t have enough fragments for this, getting only half way up my jawline.

I decided to simply proceed with plain terracotta as I could always add more fragments after if necessary.

Photo 02-06-2015 17 46 43I wanted to again be quite strict with myself with this piece in order to push myself in what I could achieve.
Since I wasn’t going to time myself, I decided to instead limit myself to using only 1 mirror and no photos. Due to this the portrait will look more like a mask shape as I can not view the back of my head, enlarging the void.

It’s interesting to note that following my look at Claude Heath’s work my sculpture became a lot more gaunt, almost as if I was more aware of the skull form underneath. I was happy with the texture I was capturing so far and decided to leave it at this for the day.

Photo 02-06-2015 17 46 55


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