Creative Contexts

To start the new year, we have been giving a new brief; The overarching brief is called Creative Contexts, there are 3 strands to this module:

  1. The British Art Medal Society Brief,
  2. Other live brief (choice of two) see board in studio and Moodle ‘Live Briefs’ folder.
  3. Another activity and brief that will be presented to us after Field.

The British Art Medal society is a live brief to design a hand held art medal. Concept, context, materiality and technique are to play for. We will all produce what is a conceptually exciting and well-executed outcome by the end of the Autumn term. We will have a group exhibition of the medals at Craft in the Bay, Cardiff in March.

The other two Live Briefs to choose from are: Delight in Light & Design Factory. The requirements for each are as follows;

  • Design Futures ‘Design it Differently’ as 4 design sheets with 500 word text/proposal, one as exhibition response, two R&D, and 1 board design proposal.
  • Delight in Light a protoype/maquette, 2 design sheets & 100 word description of your design. Design sheets should cover customer identification, how your light functions, materials, manufacture, presentation and costs. See entries on their website for ideas as to the standard and scope of what you are working towards.

After taking a quick look through the Design Museum website, there isn’t anything that really stands out to me. The description of the brief is also quite confusing, so for the moment I see myself doing the Delight in Light brief instead. I’m still quite weary of this project as I’ve never done anything so design-based before, because of this I think studying what’s already out in the market would be a good place to begin for this project.


On the other hand, the medal project excites me but there are just so many different ways to take it I feel a bit overwhelmed thinking of my possible outcomes. I think a lot of reading and research before actually attempting to design something, will help me to create a visually and conceptually interesting medal.



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