Delight Light – Previous Entries

I decided to take a quick look through the current and previous entries into the competition, here are a few of the ones that I feel are the most interesting;

Danielle Armstrong – “Zip Light”

I think what I like about this design is the unusual use of materials. Hand crafted using 100% wool felt and a zip, it’s a fairly simple design but the zip allows for some versatility in its form. Although I think these could be improved if the zip spiral was more extreme.

No prices were stated, but these are most likely fairly cheap.

Becky Creed – “Turned Paper Lighting”

Again the material of these lights is what drew me to them. The idea of turning paper is one that I have never had before, and the almost psychedelic colours produced are quite visually appealing. The forms are quite simple, but I feel this works well with the brightly coloured ‘grain’ of the paper.

Prices range from £85-£295 depending on the size and style of the light.

Cheryl van Goethem – “Floating Lamp”

I really enjoy the almost comedic and illustrative representation of this lamp. This has obviously been achieved through slumping the glass over a lamp or lamp shape. This, again is a very simple but effective outcome.

There are no prices stated but I would guess this would be sold for over £50.

(Daisy) Cuiwei Zhang – “Snaight”

For me, this light is the standout design on the website. Inspired by snails, these portable lights can stick to most surfaces and their batteries recharge wirelessly. The light itself is very simple and playful in nature, allowing for creativity and design on behalf of the buyer when it comes to the placement of the lights.

I’d imagine that these would be fairly expensive for their size.


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