Playful Lamps

After doing some quick sketches based on collapsable lamps, I’ve come to the conclusion that what actually makes these lamps interesting to me is their metamorphosis and their ability to invite play. I now want to push this further and look into creating a lamp that encourages creativity through its form and interactivity. Before doing any more designing I have done some quick research into what is already out in the market. Because of this playful quality I imagined the lamp will be most likely aimed at a younger audience although from my research I have found that the lamps can actually become quite sophisticated…

“BANG!” – bitplay INC.

Lin Yu-Nung – “Inside Out Lamp”

“KOLO Sand” –  Pani Jurek & Piotr Musialowski

“Tetris Stackable LED Desk Lamp” – ThinkGeek

“The Light Sommelier” – Seungyoub Oh


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