Lamp Design 1 : Interchangeable Pieces

Below is the first design that I am actually happy with. I feel this design embodies the creativity that I wanted to inspire, yet has still remained quite sophisticated; I think this is down to the fact it begins as the classic silhouette of a lamp, which is then allowed to be deconstructed. I imagine this to be made as some sort of frosted perspex rings that are placed around the bulb stem which allow the light to pass through.

I then tried to quickly mock this up in Rhino to see what forms I could create. I also experimented with the number of slices and even cutting the lamp in quarters.

sliced lamp

After doing all of this, I began doing a bit more research and came across this…

Manifattura Italiana Design + Babele Puzzle Lamp

Whilst the designs aren’t exactly the same, it is enough to put me off progressing further with this design or at least until I have exhausted my other options.


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