Arduino Practice

I’ve had a go at experimenting with Arduino in preparation for making my light. For the most part I was simply playing with LED’s and getting to grips with the coding.
I managed to make this traffic light code with 3 LED’s.

The thing is I’m not sure where to go from this… I feel like Arduino was made to be this super simple thing that’s easy to pick up but I have no idea what components are even needed for what I want to achieve, let alone how to code it all so it works effectively. Then I need to think about the price of all of this different parts I need.

I’m just getting the impression that this Lamp design is far too complex. I’d need to do this for each one of the 30-odd small pyramids that would be attached to the larger base making the overall price unrealistically high. Maybe once my magnets come and I can play around with a maquette I’ll be able to see a simpler way of achieving what I want.



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