Sculpting the Owl – No.3

Before going back to clay I decided to test out plasticine but I quickly found that it was far too sticky to make the feathers in the way that I had been and at this point I had become quite fond of them.

I was having real trouble with sculpting the talons and flower this time around, so to save further stress I just cut them out completely and hid them behind the wings. I may attempt to add them in the wax stage but now they’ve gone I’m realising that it was an unnecessary detail.
I toyed with having a falling feather instead but decided against it for the same reason.

At least the more times I sculpt the owl the better the final outcome seems to look, the detailing on the wing has come out particularly well this time around.

I will now fire this piece before attempting to create a silicone mould from it, to hopefully strengthen it and prevent breakages. It will also hopefully shrink to a smaller size better suited to the hand.

Following Zoe’s point on making cheaper salable medals I would like to make ceramic, glazed medals alongside my bronze.


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