Magical Objects: Masks

Today was the first day of Field. We were given a quick presentation introducing us to the “Magical Objects” topic along with an overview of the project and what was expected of us.

James Green (the project tutor) brought in a collection of masks that we were asked to draw and study. We did this for a total of almost 4 hours but nevertheless I enjoyed this as don’t really get to do a lot of observational studies for my subject projects. Below are a few of my outcomes;


My favourite of the masks was this Bali dance mask (seen below). I think what draws me to it is the slightly unsettling nature in which the frog has been portrayed. I also really like the idea of incorporating sound through the movement of the wearer; As the wearer jumps, the mouth moves up and down making a “clacking” noise.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I’m slightly worried that we are already making our own masks on Thursday. Again, I’m starting to feel rushed and want to do a lot more research before actually making something.


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