Stamping with Clay

Whilst I was waiting for the air drying clay from yesterday to dry I decided to experiment with painting and pressing clay in my sketchbook. I began with the same method that I had used before, rolling sausages and flattening them into the clay. I then painted over this and essentially threw the clay face-down on my page. Recently I’ve been interested in Paradolia, the psychological phenomenon of seeing faces in images and objects and I thought that this would be an interesting way of generating design ideas for masks.


I then moved from this very organic way of making faces to a more structured method inspired by Oscar Schlemmer’s Abstract Mask from “The Triad Ballet” (as seen below). I used the same 3 shapes throughout my designs along with 1 void which I altered in size and arrangement. Because of the minimalist nature of the designs I thought it would be best to stick to the primary colours when it came to painting the clay.


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