Figurative Modelling – Day 1


Anthony Gormley – “Body 2009-2011”

Today was the first day of the ‘Figurative Modelling’ project led by Natasha Mayo and Claire Curneen. We had a brief explanation of the weeks ahead and then began with some quick fire life drawing; this later developed into longer studies concentrating on weight distribution and the folding of the skin. We were told to think about how the medium of charcoal can be used to convey sensation, such as the heavy weight of the head, in both an emotional and physical sense. I think that overall the density of charcoal works really well to embody this when juxtaposed to the softer, blended areas similar to Anthony Gormley’s drawings. Gormley’s “Body 2009-2011” series have this eerie, fascinating look to them. They’re like shadows yet there seems to be something more to them, some kind of otherworldly presence brought on by the bleeding effect of the ink.



Akio Takamori – “Boy in Black Shorts & Girl in Blue Shorts” 2012

In the afternoon, we began translating these drawing into clay. We used a very simple technique which involved painting slip onto slabs of clay and etching onto the surface. Then, whilst referencing the work of Akio Takamori and Rudy Autio we were encouraged to push and work the back of the clay to introduce 3D elements into our pieces. I really enjoyed using this technique, I’ve never thought of using it before but its so simple and effective.


Rudy Autio – “Marathon” 1995

On a side note I think my clay pieces lack the varied mark making captured in my charcoal drawings but this could be due to the fact I’m not very confident in using this method yet.

The pieces I have created during this workshop exist in both the 2D and 3D world and I can easily see how they could develop into something like Autio’s very organically formed vessels.




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