Figurative Modelling – Day 2


Claire Curneen – “Guardian” 2011

Today we were taught exclusively by Claire Curneen. She began with a quick lecture in which she showed us her extensive portfolio as well as her own influences in classical paintings. Each of Claire’s sculptures hold a beautiful narrative which is told through these vulnerable yet fully present figures adorned with various objects or decals.

Afterwards, we moved to the workspace where we began pinch forming our own torsos (a technique Claire uses in her own work). We were told to keep the structure simple as we would be adding onto our sculptures later.



Hans Holbein – “Henry VIII” 1534-36

We were then introduced to the paintings of Hans Holbein the Younger, specifically the ones depicting Henry VIII and his wives. The qualities captured in these paintings are very similar to the slip and slab method we had been using the other day. The portraits themselves have a realistic quality yet there is something off about them that keeps them looking partially two dimensional.


Pablo Picasso – “The Kiss” 1969

We were to use these paintings as inspiration for our own slab portraits to attach to our torsos.
Before starting my slab drawing, I used the lunch break to do some quick studies in pen, which later referenced Pablo Picasso due to the way that his paintings also plays across the dimensions.


Once the head was complete I also made a few more clay ‘accessories’ to add to the figure as the torso was looking quite bare in comparison.




Collection of the group’s figures



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