Pyramid Light Maquette

After attempting to visualise my new light design in rhino and not succeeding particularly well… I decided to go back to the old fashioned method of cut cardboard. I quickly made a net on illustrator so I could speed up this process.

Once the cardboard had been assembled and the magnets I ordered had arrived, I quickly began to realise that the magnets were simply not strong enough, and if these were struggling with cardboard I’d need some particularly stong magnets for the actual material of acrylic. There was also the issue of attaching the magnets inside the pyramids and knowing which side to fix to the larger pyramid.

After waiting over Christmas for the stronger magnets to arrive, I tested their strength. These were much better and actually pulled the small pyramids out of my hand as I neared the base.

Realistically I want to trash this idea. I have no idea how to go about programming all the complex arduino that I want it to do, such as recharging and colour changing. All of which will require expensive componants, not to mention the fact that I’d need 72 of these magnets in total.

I think I need to just go back to the drawing board at this point…


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