Figurative Modelling – Day 4

In today’s workshop we were experimenting with slip dipping and forming the body from clay filled fabrics and other combustible materials.


Jenny Saville & Glen Luchford “Closed Contact #10” 1995-1996

I worked a lot with the plaster bats, filling tights with slip and either creating skin-like folds or simply allowing their forms to spill out onto the surface.
Whilst doing this I was constantly thinking of Jenny Saville’s & Glen Luchford’s “Closed Contact” series, due to the similar way that the ‘flesh’ of the clay was being pushed up against this flat surface. Although, as they slip began to dry out and lost its wobble I felt it also lost a lot of the fleshy qualities that made it interesting.



Babette Martini “Erz 3.2-4.4” (detail) 2005

This piece in particular relates more closely to Babette Martini’s work. It was created through the layering of slip, paper pulp and scraps of clay. It’s this layering (which is also seen in Martini’s “Erz 3.2-4.4”) that gives the impression of skin breaking away to expose the tendons and muscle beneath, evoking a much more visceral response in the viewer.


Marc Quinn “Self” 1991

This interaction between the inside and the outside that leads me the Marc Quinn’s “Self” in which he directly takes something from inside the body (blood) and presents it, not only as an outside but as a casting medium.


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