Figurative Modelling – Day 7

Today began with another session of life drawing but this time with a new model. We warmed up as usual with a series of quick poses and once this warm up was complete we began to explore the sensations of weight, stretching and folding, trying to represent each one with our chosen medium. I also alternated between using charcoal, felt tip and pencil so that I attempted every sensation with each medium. I tried to push myself as the time went on varying my style, I found I was becoming more selective in what parts of the body I was drawing, eventually leaving out any part that didn’t have the qualities I was trying to bring out.


Christie Brown – “Exquisite Corpse” 2013

After our life drawing session was finished, we met in our exhibition space where we got into our groups and began planning our spaces. We were a bit unsure how to start but Natasha Mayo suggested that my group work around my large sensory drawing from week 2. We each collected everything that we ‘d made within the past weeks and instinctively began placing our objects on top of the drawing. The drawing itself is quite cubist, involving multiple angles of the body so it was really interesting for me to watch where others placed their pieces as it gave me a bit of insight into how they were reading my drawing.

Ultimately we decided it was too much, as a lot of the mark making in the drawing was being covered. We removed almost all of objects however this is a route I really want to go back down later. It’s very reminiscent of Christie Brown’s “Exquisite Corpses” in which she uses 2D drawing to fill the spaces between her 3D objects.

We grabbed a wooden frame left over from a previous exhibition and instead began placing our objects on that with the drawing positioned in front.

We decided we couldn’t progress any further today as we wanted to experiment with hanging our fragments on the frame, but had no wire or string to do so. Also we were missing a group member in Ffion so decided it was best to wait until we had all of our group’s work together before anything permanent was decided.


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