Figurative Modelling – Day 9

In my free time I finished my legs. Initially I wanted to finish the torso in a simple pyramid shape then go back to add more detail into the legs and feet which is why I wasn’t including them in our exhibition. However, I’ve left the clay too long now and it has become too hard to work with so instead, I fragmented the waist and stomach area and scraped in some extra texture in the legs in hopes of exhibiting the piece.

When it came to continuing with the exhibition, it ended up being me and Rachel doing all of the work today, with the other two members of our group just staying at home. They could have atleast tried to do the Powerpoint but no, we’ve ended up doing that as well. This is so frustrating because I really need to get my medal finished by Friday so it can be sent off to Bams; I’ve had no time to work on it because the other members of our group keep letting us down and it wouldn’t be fair to leave Rachel to do it on her own.

It just seems like I always get put into groups with people that simply won’t work as hard as me and I don’t want to allow them to take credit for the extra work that I have to put in. Both Miguel and Ffion seem to have produced very little during the 5 weeks, having only 4 objects and drawings in the exhibition whilst me and Rachel have around 20. I just don’t want it to seem like we’re not allowing them to put anything else on display, they simply don’t have any other work that they are showing us.


Natasha Mayo – “Playscape” 2011-2013

Anyway, I showed Rachel my sculpture and she really liked it. We wanted to include the legs in some way but there were already a few terracotta ones on our structure. We placed it slightly to the side and realised it would be really interesting to have a figure slightly removed from the rest of the work. We remembered some of Natasha Mayo’s work and attempted using a negative space silhouette to form some of the body adjoining. We placed it directly in front of the entrance so it’s the first thing you see when you walk in and so that the head of the figure then directs you to the rest of the exhibition.

At this point we were nearly finished with our curation, we rearranged a few more things and then I re-drew my Henry VIII head to place on the large drawing.
The next day would be for completing our presentation, which again was left to me and Rachel to do.




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