New Projects

Today we were presented with our new projects that we would be doing until the end of the academic year. We could either continue with our light to completion, start a new project in which we would define ourselves as a “designer maker” or start another new project where we would choose a manmade artefact to study and then create a piece of work in response. Because I’m not exactly enjoying the light project and I don’t see myself near the design end of the creative spectrum, I feel that the artefact brief, “Referencing Tradition” would be best for me. I also feel that the brief closely resembles how I like to work; I start with an object of interest, then learn about that object’s relevance and how it was made in order to create something new. Similar to my Biometric Key project from last year.


“Biometric Keys” 2015

Referencing Tradition Brief


I realised that both Ingrid Murphy’s and Zoe Preece’s work would fit into this brief, so I went back to take a look at their thought process before I began.

Ingrid Murphy – “The Flatback Collection” 2011


“The Dear Hunters”

This collection features five Staffordshire figurines that have been cast and re-glazed with white and gold lustre. Once fired, a decal of a QR code is applied to the figurine and it’s then fired again to 800C. The QR codes lead to various digital media that relates to the specific figurine, some created, others sourced.
My favourite of the collection is the piece entitled “The Dear Hunters”. When scanned, it takes you to an animation of the two figures glancing at each other, smiling and eventually blowing kisses. Ingrid stated how she wanted to play off of the ‘campness’ of the original figurine that has been captured in their blushing cheeks and billowing feathers.

I most likely won’t have the luxury of directly casting my chosen artefact, but the idea of modernising and digitising it could be an interesting route to explore. I’m also more open to perhaps choosing an artefact that I don’t particularly like in hopes of improving it; similar to how Ingrid has taken something that could be considered garish and ugly and instead made it beautiful.


Zoe Preece – ‘Exploration of Materiality’

zoepreece06During this residency, Zoe’s work explored deeper into the realm of the digital. She began with a number of spoons, which she then 3D scanned and replicated. During this process Zoe accidentally picked up the background of where the spoons lay, causing to the two elements of subject and background to combine into one. This inspired her to develop this idea further, purposely creating still life scenes that she could then scan and create using the CNC milling machine.
The result has created these beautifully spectral dinner scenes which Zoe has then combined with her earlier 3D printed artefacts. The folds of the scanned table cloth in particular work really well juxtaposed to the tea cup, due to its similar characteristics of liquid.

Zoe’s work leads me to think that perhaps I don’t need to re-create the artefact itself? Maybe I can create something to house or go alongside the original artefact instead. Also, if casting isn’t a viable option for me to replicate the artefact, then perhaps 3D scanning is the more realistic alternative?



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