CAD Visual for Fan Light

fan lamp 2

Open and closed desk light designs


This light is able to be used as both ambient and directional lighting, through its open fan-like panels. The panels would be made from black and translucent white acrylic, laser cut and bent using the heat former. The panels will each individually be about 60mm in width, meaning strip lighting would be my only option as a light source. I can get this relatively cheap from this retailer;


LED Strip


Desk clamping lamp

The lamp’s stand would be of regular angle poise variety with a clamp to attach to the edge of a table.

I’m still not particularly fond of this design but it’s the only design that I haven’t found somewhere else already. I’m also worried about wiring the lamp and the design of the angle poise section as I have no knowledge in these areas…

I also like the idea of the closed lamp looking very formal but once opened becomming much more decorative, perhaps this could be further explored by looking at peacock tails.


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