Recreating the Artefact

After researching for the past 2 weeks I was keen to finally start making. I figured that a good place to start would be to re-create the mummified falcon. Now, obviously I couldn’t do this the traditional way so I had to get creative.
It was important to me that the object was still as weightless as I imagined the original to be. I grabbed some nearby newspaper and scrunched it up into a rough bird shape. I realised that I could then use this with the clay combustible method that I learnt in field. I grabbed some slip and calicoΒ fabric and began wrapping the paper. Once I finished one I tried another in string. I’m really happy with how they turned out and I feel they look quite convincing.

Unsure of what to use next, I moved away from wrapping and decided to try filling the calico with slip in order to get the texture of the thread and fabric. I created a rough outline which I seamed and then added a few extra hand stitched lines, below are the results.

I don’t know how these will turn out until they have been fired and the fabrics have burnt away, which will hopefully happen next week. Because of this, I’m unsure whether to carry on with these methods of making.



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