*Rethinking Ideas*

With this time away from uni over Easter, I’ve been questioning my practise and reflecting on my year so far. I’ve come to the realisation that, for me, the most fullfilling part of this year was doing Figurative Modelling and exploring ceramics; the rest almost seemed like a chore. I’ve discovered my passion for clay and although I planned on continuing to using it in the Referencing Tradition brief I’ve also begun to question this project. Why am I making these objects? What are they for? Do they have anything to say? The answers to these questions are simply ‘I don’t know’ at this point. Perhaps it’s too early into the project to ask these questions and I do like the outcomes I have produced so far but I can’t see a context other than in uni where my pieces or future pieces would exist.
I regret not being able to explore my own ideas early on in the year and that because of this I had nothing that I could attempt to sell in the Ceramics Pop Up Shop.
Over Easter I was also able to help with the Cermaics curation of their work in Ikea, whilst I again had nothing to contribute. I want to be able to grasp these oppourtunities that are being offered to ceramics.

For the reasons above and other’s I have not listed, I no longer want to remain as a maker. Not only do I want to switch to ceramics I also want to repeat the second year. I’m entitled to 4 years funding so this is not a deterrant.
I know that this extra year will help me to hone my skills and knowledge in ceramics, as well as help me to develop my own understanding of my work. This extra year will ensure that I am ready to graduate and have left with the tools that I require to continue to make work.

This also means that from this point on I will focus on what I want to make and create. I don’t want to spend any more time on medals or lights, which, realistically I will most likely never make again. I will however attempt to tie my own project to the Make Your Mark brief.


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