Nosey Pot

I wanted to test my skills at coil building a large pot. It went rather well and I didn’t have much issue with it which is pleasing. Originally I wanted to practice the ‘slip and scrape’ method employed by grayson perry so I began testing more slips and patterns on some test dry tiles.

I then had a sudden brainwave and decided to instead incorporate a two face design into a pot, altering the iconic sillouette completely. I made some designs and then quickly sculpted some nose shapes to attach.

I then let the pot dry out, which at the time I didn’t know was a mistake…Β I assumed that, like my test tiles applying slip to a dry surface would prevent bleeding of the terracotta colour underneath, as well as make the process of adding layers much faster. Two huge cracks started to form from the clay expanding from the moisture being added, this was very annoying but I decided to work with it and continue nonetheless. I burnished the skin colour to add a contrasting texture to the brush strokes.

Luckily the pot didn’t crack any further in the firing process, however the burnished slip seems to have bubbles slightly? I assume this is due to trapped air. Also somebody managed to chip it’s nose with their pot whilst transporting it back upstairs.

In the long run it doesn’t bother me too much about all these ‘set backs’ they only serve to make the ‘fed up’ face look even more fed up.


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