Overall Field Feedback

Both projects I undertook have affected my work quite strongly. From doing these projects, I have discovered that I do, in fact, want to work in a much more illustrative way, exploring ideas through drawing and creating spontaneous drawings that I can then translate into 3D. I’ve come to appreciate how different my perception of lines can be to other’s and how I can use this to my advantage in creating work that is truly individual to me. The Figurative Modelling Field is also what made me want to continue my exploration of ceramics and ultimately one of the reasons that made me want to begin transitioning to the Ceramics degree.

My experience of Field feeds into my subject area very easily as I develop my drawings into fully functional ceramic objects, using slips as decoration and using clear glazes on top to seal them. The figure is also a very interesting subject for me to continue to explore, whether that is through through realistic observation or abstract experimentation.

Through doing these Field options I have developed skills in hand building, combustable firing, sgrafitto, sewing, creating dress patterns, drawing, painting, bringing context to my work and curation; all of which I plan on continuing to develop and transfer into my subject.

The stand out learning experience of Figurative Modelling was of course realising that ceramics is what I want to use for 3rd Year, what I want to continue to work on and better my understanding in. I realised that the only way I could really do this at this point was to repeat the year and fully immerse myself in ceramic processes. There wasn’t really a stand out learning experience from Magical Objects other than realising that I wanted to learn more about new making techniques and that I wasn’t really getting this in this option.

Through doing Figurative Modelling, I have become even more confident in my ability to understand and use clay such as knowing when to stop and allow it to dry out and strengthen before adding more weight. I’ve also become more confident in myself and my ability to direct my own learning and development.


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