Summer Project – Collections

I’ve uploaded the slides of my Powerpoint for the summer project below for reference.

A collection you have visited in person

My collection of found faces, that I use for illustration purposes and just general amusement as well as something that I just find myself naturally doing. It began as my ‘home collection’ but gradually expanded outside my home.


A historical collection

I looked at these keys in first year of maker. I was exploring the evolution of the key and the various types that we no longer see. I really found affinity for the ornate keys at the V&A and how extraordinary the now ordinary once was.

An artist that works with collections

Cornell was introduced to me by Cath Davies, the constellation lecturer. His work is undeniably about collections of objects and images that he himself places into boxes or frames in attempts to bring out narratives in his work. I particularly enjoy the element of play in his work (such as the rolling balls) but knowing they will never be played with is quite disappointing.


An unconventional collection

The whole idea of a penis museum was rather ridiculous and hilarious to me but then when reading about it’s origins I had to use it as my unconventional collection.
The foundation was laid in 1974 when I got a pizzle or a bull‘s penis. As a child I was sent into the countryside during summer vacations and there I was given a pizzle as a whip for the animalsSome of my teachers used to work in summer in a nearby whaling station and after the first specimen they started bringing me whale penises, supposedly to tease me. Then the idea came up gradually that it might be interesting collecting specimens from more mammalian species. ”

A collection found in your own home.

For my home collection, I painstakingly laid out every single thing in my art toolbox that I have had since foundation. I like the idea of tools giving some indication of a person, much like what someone holds in their bags. Although, I have multiple pencil cases as well as this tool box so I’d never be able to show the full range of medium I like to use.



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