Slip Decoration Workshop

Prior to this workshop I was researching paper stencils and came across Polly Fern on Instagram. Her ceramics plates feature beautifully illustrated scenes of daily life, all using simple newspaper stencils and a large palette of coloured slips. Perhaps I can contact her to enquire if she makes these colours herself for my technical report? She regularly documents her progress on social media so I found her methods of application fairly easy to follow.

Also inspired by some yoga accounts I follow on Instagram I decided to cut out different poses of men doing yoga. I wanted to keep the simplicity seen in Fern’s work as I find it very charming and reminds me of a kids story book, which will add to the subversive nature of my work. As for the layout of the stencils I found it was quite instinctive with one stencil dictating where the next would go for me. I experimented with adding pants to the men but found they looked more like diapers so I will probably just keep them off next time. I’m very happy with the ‘flow’ of the piece and it looks as if they could just be a bunch of synchronised swimmers.

I also attempted to make a simple tessellation using newspaper stencils, while it did kind of work, I think if I were to do it again I would just use a laser cutter to get accurate stencils first. I found that the shapes were a bit too large and the tile was a bit too small to really get the full effect of the tessellation.



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