Face Play

Using adobe Illustrator I completed numerous designs for my facial features of slight variations. Once I had a big enough selection of them I then gave the computer to a few different people to see how they would interact with them in a digital format. The only thing I asked was to not overlap the shapes.


There seemed to be a slight reluctance to rotating the shapes at angles mostly just using the shapes at their given orientations. I think that this is due to the digital media as rotating by hand is much easier than on a computer. Otherwise I think people engaged with them quite well.

I found that the less representational the feature the more likely it was used in replace of other features, such as the black moustache being used as ears, glasses, hair and eyebrows.

I really like these outcomes but I’m not sure howΒ this is going to translate into something more substantial that I could present in an exhibition, without it seeming underwhelming or childish.


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