Decal Arrival & Application

On opening my decals from DigitalCeramics I was initially quite disappointed with the results, whilst I knew the colours would change I didn’t realise how drastically the saturation would be brought down when compared to the image I was seeing on-screen. Knowing there was nothing I could do about this, I got over it and carried on with the decals regardless.



It took me all day to finish but I’m actually very happy with the results; the colours seemed to brighten up when I placed the decals on the plates and they look professionally finished. I could definitely see them being sold (and more importantly purchased) in a forward thinking shop such as IKEA.
I even had a few leftover decals and body parts to use on a mug (from IKEA of course).

Now I just need to wait for them to be fired and hope there were no air bubbles that I missed.


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