Slip Stencil Plate

img_6299After seeing the results of my glazed test tile, I am very happy to move onto the making of the plate version. The glaze is slightly thick but I like being able to only just feel the sgraffito underneath.
I formed a slab of terracotta over one of the IKEA plates we were given and began cutting many more stencils whilst it was drying.

I tried to make the layout of the silhouettes a bit more suggestive this time around, placing them penis to bum, bum to face and penis to penis. Although looking at the plate now, I think I may have saturated the area a bit too much and larger spacing was required.

img_6166I also added another shade of lighter blue slip on top of the cobalt blue as I thought the original background was lacking depth. However, I later realised when I was carving into the slips that I had applied too many layers so I will know for next time to keep my slips watery.

Otherwise, I am very happy with displaying this plate as one of my outcomes once a clear glaze is applied over it and I’ve already had interest from a potential buyer for this plate and tile!


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