Statement of Intent

So far my work for subject has been focused on user interaction and play, which has been inspired by Alexander Girard’s colourful wooden dolls. I have predominately been using earthenware clay bodies and slips in order to get the widest range of colours possible to me. The layering of these slips has been something which I was and still am keen to explore, utilising normal stencils as well as masking stencils and sgraffito.



I began exploring the arrangement of similar shapes in order to see how the juxtaposition of these shapes could affect their meaning and how they are read as images. On reflection I realise now that this probably draws back to my summer project with my collection of ‘found faces’. However I am now questioning the practicality of this physical interaction needed from the user and if I really want them to touch my work when I can get them to engage with it in a less physical way such as controlling the angles in which they see the work.

The ‘Home Truths’ field has been taking over the majority of my making time, but I also feel I have made much clearer steps forward in my development as a practitioner because of it. I have been exploring themes of sexuality and dining through my surface patterning and have further explored the techniques of majolica, slab forming and stain washes.

In the following months I hope to bring elements of my field work into my subject. The majority of my field is very 2D in nature so I hope to begin looking at how to take the surface patterning from my plates into more 3D outcomes. I also plan to look back and research some of the other artists that I took a liking to at the Ken Stradling collection, such as Sam Haile, whose anti-narrative and overtly sexual pieces already have a fairly close connection to my field work. I will attempt to combine key ideas of the respective artists works together as well as adding my own interests.

At this point I’m unsure as to whether my work will be functional or not but I feel that I generally tend to lean towards giving my work some slight utilitarian purpose.


Throughout my alchemy development I have wanted to look at the subtleties of colour and tone through slips. This will help extend the ideas of my field as well as provide a valuable learning resource for others. Marek Liska and I have unintentionally had very similar routes of exploration so we have decided to come together in order to produce a more expansive palette of colour. We will most likely divide the colour wheel into two halves of warm and cool colours, with me being responsible for the cool colour and probably methods of application too.

Whilst we would like to have a practical colour wheel to present our findings, we also want to present them in exciting and innovative ways looking at various palettes of colour and layering methods. The work of Peter Pincus and Waller Hewett will be very useful for this. Although I am particularly fond of these ‘keychains’ of colour (below) by a previous student, I really love the pop of red amongst the blue.


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