Unfired Plates & Exhibiting

Although my plates were glazed and ready for their final firing, unfortunately, due to the stress on the kilns, 3 of them have not been fired in time for the exhibition. These include, two hand formed and slip decorated plates as well as one of Duncan’s thrown plates decorated with majolica. I’m not too disheartened by this as I am still able to display my test tiles with what I have and they give some indication of what the rest of my plates would have looked like if they were fired in time.

I was surprised to be given a whole cabinet to display my work in but used the opportunity to my full advantage and spaced my work out accordingly. On reflection, the stained slab in the bottom left of the cabinet probably doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of the work due to the nature of it being a very early piece. However, I am also aware that no one else happened to stain their tablet and since I was actually happy with the result of mine I wanted to show off that technique.




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