The Bucket

Following my comments from last term, I attempted to translate the imagery gained from my ‘Home Truths’ project onto a 3D surface. I generally have a hard time finding the confidence to make the initial mark on a vessel, so to counteract this I wanted to create a basic form that I had very little investment in and could therefore feel free and loose with my mark making.

Inspired by Eglin’s crude Buckets (above) I flattened out a large slab of clay and rolled it up to form a cylinder to which I then attached a base. I kept the rough uneven edge at the lip of the cylinder as it adds to the ‘imperfection’ of the form but on reflection I actually really enjoy this aspect of the piece. Whilst decorating, I used stencils to create straight clean edges that would juxtapose with the uneven brush strokes. I also experimented with the transparency of the slips by watering them down and allowing drips to form on the vertical surface. The drawings are studies from my sketchbook that I curated intuitively onto the form. Below is my end result;

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Overall, I’m really happy with this piece and feel it’s a direction I am keen to explore further. The looseness of both my brushstrokes and linework create a sense of euphoria that is reiterated by the moments captured in the images.

I’m aware that in order to continue in this direction I will need a larger supply of images and drawings to reference, but I am also conscious of clinging onto and finding too much comfort in this bucket form.


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