Field Overview PDP

At the start of the year I was told that I wouldn’t have the opportunity to take part in Field this year because I had already passed L5 Field in Maker. I was quite disheartened by this as I know that this is one of the more exciting aspects of L5. Luckily, the options that I wanted to do were both run by Duncan so I was able to ‘unofficially’ join them.

The first project I partook in was Home Truths, which involved exploring narratives of the home through plates. I chose to explore the themes of sexuality, coming out and the act of consuming. Experimenting with displaying subvert and overt sexual images on domestic-ware, with the idea of the images slowly being revealed as the food is consumed. I was able to quickly get a taste of slip decorating, decals, oxide washes, under-glazing and majolica. I particularly enjoyed being able to hear feedback from IKEA who kindly donated plates for us to decal. I took the theme of sexuality back into my subject work and further refined my slip decorating skills as discussed in my summative powerpoint. Since my field assessment I finished glazing my pieces and redesigned my slip stencil plate to have a textured edge and non uniform shape; I’ve have lots of interest in these plates and I hope to continue making them, eventually selling them at Pride events.

The second project was Wunderkammer, which involved travelling the country visiting British museums in a minibus. This was a very stimulating but also slightly exhausting experience. I fell behind on blogging and wasn’t able to process everything fast enough, and to some extent, I feel like I am still processing it. My outcome came about from questioning the portrayal (or lack of) marginalised identities throughout museums. This was inspired by Lubaina Himid’s solo exhibition and due to the lack of queer objects I came across on my travels. I proposed an exhibition that brought together women artists, gay artists and black artists along with their respective historic artefacts (Venus, Greek vases and African objects) each bringing further context to the other. It was suggested that I focus purely on Gay objects but at the time I wanted to emphasise the sense of coming together rather than imposing more separation. For this reason, the artists I chose all inter-meshed and crossed the categories.
Since assessment I have been able to continue the ‘Wunderkammer’ mentality, visiting Collect, Ceramic Art London, the Hockney exhibition & the Queer British Art exhibition, as well as further online research into specifically ‘queer’ exhibitions. This project also brought further context and understanding to my own work, answering questions such as why I feel the need or desire to make such objects.

I feel the options I chose complemented each other well; both options were very idea driven, however Home Truths was more about the production of things and having physical outcomes, whilst Wunderkammer was more conceptual and had theoretical outcomes.


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